To highlight our brand internationally while educating and promoting healthy living concepts to change the way people use spices.



We believe in changing human lifestyle to eat healthy food by giving only the best to the world. We educate people on use of spices and how to chose the best spices.




In the 1960 Mr A.D wickramaratne moved to Akuressa with in the hope of starting a new venture. Within a short period of time, due to his generosity and patience, he became the major dealer for rubber in the city. People came to him because of his day by day fairness and for his social work. Through his generosity towards the small rubber tappers, he managed to secure a huge portion of the market.

In the early 1990’s , his son Mr Hemendra Wickramaratne took over the business. Apart from business Mr Hemendra is a well-known social worker in the area and he is the chief adviser at the local trade association. He diversified the business by accepting other local products, mostly cinnamon and rubber. Unfortunately during late 90s the rubber market collapsed due to war and low priced artificial rubber. The business then moved into growing cinnamon and other spices. By testing and applying new methods and business diversification we were able to be in the market for three generations.

Birth of

Ceylon Spice Kingdom

Theekshana Wickramaratne and his long time friend Manik Gunawardana joined together by investing their knowledge about spices into the business and started Ceylon Spice Kingdom one year back, aiming to do something different in the industry. They started introducing quality Ceylon Cinnamon to the local market by educating people on the health benefits of Cinnamon consumption. We identified a huge gap in the local market for quality Ceylon cinnamon and other spices, therefor the product became an instant success. Today Ceylon Spice Kingdom is not only catering to the local market but also exporting quality cinnamon and other spices to Australia, Malaysia, United Kingdom and Canada. Our aim is to expand the business into new horizons by providing quality products to all our customers no matter where they are.

With 50 years of excellence in customer satisfaction in the trade and continuing innovation, we assure you that we are able to provide the best possible service.